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A new school year has started and so has a new mystery.
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 Sanma Kiyo

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Kiyo Sanma

Kiyo Sanma

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PostSubject: Sanma Kiyo   Sanma Kiyo EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 2:07 pm

Sanma Kiyo Anime-Boys-anime-guys-3786209-799-1023
Cross Acadmey Application
Full name:Kiyo K. sanma
Looks:black hair red eyes.

Peronality:Kind to females and a real flirt.
Likes:Fighters(especially female), killing low lives of vampires, tricking women
Dislikes:killing his fellow brethren, sasy/bossy people, disaplinarians
Fears:none known as of yet

Weapion:(Hunters and Campus Gaurdian)

Hometown:Kyoto, Japan
Family:Sanma (vampire clan/family)
History: when Kiyo was younger he fantasized about ruling the Vampire race and everything. He had some of his long life planned. But as he got older he was slowly changing his mind, about a lot of things. He slowly came into the lift of saving "Danzels in distress" only to see they're beauty grow and purify. Kiyo is a little bit one for perverted stuff. He met Akizakura and saved her. only to see her beauty.he decided to follow her into cross academy, to see her beauty. His family was happy to see wanting to go to school so the signed him up without second thoughts. He kept him \self secret to her for a year then revealed himself. Gaining Fangirls left and right. But he didn't care, in fact his eyes were set on Akizakura from the saving to the current. He wants her and no one else. He is willing to do anything to have her, even killing.

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PostSubject: Re: Sanma Kiyo   Sanma Kiyo EmptyWed May 25, 2011 6:52 pm

(sorry that it is way late XP)
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Sanma Kiyo
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