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 The Rochina Twins (not Identical)

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The Rochina Twins (not Identical)  Empty
PostSubject: The Rochina Twins (not Identical)    The Rochina Twins (not Identical)  EmptyMon Sep 05, 2011 3:14 pm

(small image)
Cross Acadmey Application
Full name: Sakanume Rochina & Kiriuka Rochina
Nickname:Saka & Kiri or Uka
Age:Both Saka and Kiri are 14
Race: Saka is human but Kiri is Vampire
The Rochina Twins (not Identical)  Kaito
The Rochina Twins (not Identical)  5516047978_9bdb075ea8

Peronality: Sakanume is protective of his sister even though she was somehow born Vampire. Sakanume is a caring, smart, energetic, protective, and fun guy but when needed he can be very dangerous when angry, usually only when provoked. All together he is the big brother Kiriuka has always wantedKiriuka is a shy, quiet vampire who is smart and energetic but she is usually always keeping to herself because no one had ever liked her. She can be sweet, caring and kind but she is usually a down to earth person who didn't concentrate or like anyone she met apart from her human brother.
Likes: Sakanume likes mostly apples, bananas, grapes, cheese and crackers. He also likes people who are kind, caring and friendly.Kiriuka likes nothing much, she barely likes anyone as no one has ever liked her and she sees no reason to trust anyone but her brother.
Dislikes:Sakanume dislikes mostly those who try to harm his sister, he doesnt like chocolate, cake or lasagna, Sakanume also dislikes those who are not honest and trustworthy.Kiriuka dislikes the fact her brother is so protective, she didn't know how he could be so protective of someone more powerful then him but she didn't like it, she also dislikes the same things as her brother.
Fears:Sakanume is mostly afraid of loosing his sister, he is afraid that something will happen and he wont be able to help. He is also afraid of most vampires unless he knew they were friendly and trustworthy like his sister.Kiriuka is afraid of nearly everything this is why shes always shy and quiet she keeps to herself as she doesn't want to be harmed by something she doesn't understand.

Rank:(Vampires and Hunters only)
Weapion:(Hunters and Campus Gaurdian)

Family: Unknown......foster dad passed (Tamiru Hamatish
History: Saka and Kiri were both orphaned as there parents did not wish to have a vampire and human child they left Saka and Kiri on the side of the road near a dump where they were found by a man who raised them when they were only 7 the man passed and they were left to raise them selves now they are hoping to get into the new school.

Other: Saka and Kiri are not identical though they are still twins.
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The Rochina Twins (not Identical)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Rochina Twins (not Identical)    The Rochina Twins (not Identical)  EmptyFri Sep 23, 2011 6:05 pm

and welcome to Cross Academy
Pleace post to get a room and the Moon dorm and sun dorm and say if you want a roomate or not Smile
If you have any questions pleace feel free to message me or Raven who is away at the moment so you can message me any questions until she gets back
see you around Smile
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The Rochina Twins (not Identical)
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